We're Gonna Have Some Fun
Hey! I'm Jack Frost, or so the Moon tells me... Feel free to ask questions or chat with me, I don't bite... usually.
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I grew up in Burgess with my family, until I was 18. At that time I saved my sister from falling into a frozen pond, but could not save myself, and drowned. I was brought back to life by the Man in the Moon, and discovered I could summon wind, snow, and ice. However no one could see me, and I lived for 300 years alone. After 300 years, Pitch attacked the Guardians and I was chosen as a new Guardian, becoming the Guardian of fun.

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Face Claim (when using, not usually used): Luke Worrall and Blue Equis

M!A: None currently

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(( This is an independent Rise of the Guardians RP blog. ))

((Finished the Outlast Let’s Play I was watching…

Someone fucking explain to me what the just happened to the plot?! I thought I had figured it out then Poof there goes that theory! And then they… why the fuck did… but he… AND CAN WE PLEASE DISCUSS HOW MUCH I FUCKING HATE ELEVATORS EVEN MORE NOW!?

And apparently there’s a prequel/second game? Well then that’ll be tomorrow’s mission… or I guess today’s… Haha insomnia haha I don’t need sleep nope. Not when I’m gonna dream of people taking my FUCKING FINGERS OFF!))